We are a kind of filter that weeds out low-quality used cars on the way to you. You can choose a car and order a one-time check, and, based on the results of the check, buy a car on availability, or order a car according to the necessary parameters and budget, if the car check has not passed. Another big plus – in 90% of cases, the cost of our services in the selection of a car, we „beat off“ in the process of professional bargaining with the seller.

Maintenance and consultation at the time of the transaction. If you liked the car and you say: “I want to buy it”, the autoexpert bargains with the seller in your favor. With us, you also have the opportunity to buy cars at a bargain price that comes to us directly from the owners at the time of the avtovanka.

5. eight. Legal verification: (participation in an accident, checking for the hijacking, the availability of loans, fines) If you want to buy a proven, good car from the owner – this service is for you! Our specialist discusses with you the preferences for the car that you would like to purchase, the budget and starts the search. We carry out turnkey auto-selection – we carry out a full diagnostics of the used car at the service. Our professionalism and experience since 2004, plus modern diagnostic equipment, will save you time, money and nerves!

We will check the databases of insurance companies, evaluate the correspondence of the mileage on the counter to the real one, identify the car’s participation in an accident, what they did with the car and how many owners it had. Today, the automotive market of Ukraine is littered by AvtoHlam, which is selling as „new and perfect“, but the buyer is looking for a proven, reliable and whole car! By contacting Car Point, you will save yourself from an excess headache and eliminate the possibility of buying a car with hidden defects. 7. CarPoint provides a Personal Auto Expert service. We select both new cars and inexpensive used cars.

In the service „Selection of cars to order“ includes: 2. Full car check on a hundred (chassis check, brake system, suspension, computer diagnostics) We select a car in Ukraine, and we can also choose a car from Europe and a car from the USA. Search and selection of the car with the necessary characteristics (brand, model, fuel consumption, year and cost car) independent expert. The founder of auto-selection Carpoint Arthur Vasiliev, an auto expert with more than https://cars45.com/listing/bmw/x1/2013 17 years of experience in checking and selecting cars, knows everything you need to buy a proven car in excellent technical condition!

Our service has won the trust of our customers, reviews (links to the page) about the company are confirmation of this. Selection of cars to order We will unearth everything you need to know. Our experts will provide an opinion in the checklists about the condition of the car and the relevance of the price declared for it. Having found suitable options, you get a full video and photo report, and an autoexpert’s conclusion on the condition of the selected car. Informing about the process of re-issuing documents in the management of patrol police (traffic police) and service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MREO).

Also, the service includes car diagnostics at the service station and assistance in reissuing. Detailed photo and video report Professional inspection and diagnostics of the car by our specialist (Diagnosis of LCP, assessment of body and technical condition, test drive). We &# 8212; Guaranteed honest and professional service for each!

Buying a car from the autotuba is always the best price and shopping car for you! We often offer you cars that are not available on Internet sites (authoria, rst) and in open sales. 1. You can leave an application for Autoselection by calling. 063-746-00-77 or by sending an application (link) online on our website.

Our experts will assist you in the selection and purchase of both a new car and a proven used car with mileage. 3. Bargaining in your interests. Negotiating from your face with the car seller.

4. You can pay for services in any form convenient for you.

CARPOINT CARPOINT COMPANY &# 8212; the choice is yours!


p>Carpoint Autobornation Found Arthur Vasilyev and Alla Lubnevskaya in 2017. 6.